Thursday, February 15, 2007

Missional? You Decide Take 2

I wonder what your thoughts are on this one?

Missional or not missional?

you decide

Gospel of Propane

It's worth registering!

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Anonymous said...

HMMMM... Let me think. YES! Minister Steve gets it.

If this is what the NY Times calls a "makeshift ministry" then let my ministry be makeshift!


jdluntjr said...

For those of you familiar with the old Family Feud show...

Survey says... Missional.

What a great heart for people.

This is a great article. Thanks for posting it Jerry


Coops said...

The only thing a little wrong about this is that it had to be done by a minister & not a group in the church community. So that gets my thumbs up :D

Tyler Bennicke said...


Definetly missional

Webb Kline said...

Shades of Mother Theresa! I'll keep my day job, but God bless this guy.

Blogadelic said...

This is the heart of Missional.