Sunday, February 25, 2007

Missional - Risk and Risk Aversion

I think one of the biggest hurdles for believers and churches alike is an aversion to risk.

We are afraid to get out of the boat. Jesus has called us to walk to him and unlike Peter we just cant do it.

What's holding us back?

For some I believe its growing up in a church culture that only applauds success. We give props to ministries that "succeed" and we don't applaud effort. So once someone fails and notices that no one supported them through the failure, they never try again.

Show me a church, group, or company that supports its people through failure and into the next attempt and I'll show you a group that understands people. People fail. Reality check here folks. People fail!

So as Tom Peters says, "Fail forward FAST!" We need to encourage people who are in our church, home group, house church, simple church, organic church or whatever, that it's ok to try and it's ok to fail, as long as they get back up and try again!

Others are risk adverse because of what they think they might lose. But lets be honest, can you really lose anything when it's Christ calling you out on the water? Is your plan really better than His?

To my friends in this missional movement I have a word of advice for you: take a risk! Listen to the Spirit's voice and go. Do not hesitate or wait, just be a Nike commercial and "Do It!"

My prayer is we take Kingdom risks and cast off the chains that have prevented us.

What missional risk is God telling you to take? and why or why are you not taking it?

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glenn said...


Your article is so like a post that I am about to publish that it's uncanny. I believe you hit the nail on the head. There will always be nay sayers and sometimes we are the worse of all nay sayers ourselves. To be faithful is to be successful.

Mark H said...

> [what's holding some back is] a church culture that only applauds success

Woh! That's so spot on! Forgive us Lord. Forgive me Lord.

David said...

Very good.
I've failed enough, it's about time to spread the wealth!

Seriously, churches should be safe places to fail.