Saturday, February 17, 2007

Missional Movement and the Jesus Movement

Once again Scot McKnight has a great post about this.

Having not been involved in the J movement I can't say much. But I have some thoughts.

1. All movements that have their roots in scripture and the work of the HS are similar. They must be! As they come from Him.

2. The idea that being anti-institution is some how a fad is not supported by fact. Other societal institutions are moving towards a flat structure. Get used to it.

3. The establishment of paid Clergy has not benefited the modern church.

4. The walls of the church have become a prison to enclose and inhibit the work of God.

You can read Scots article here.

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Red_Cleric said...

I am old enough to remember the early 70's and the movement. And there are similarities. One interesting sidelight is the current struggle going on among Calvary Chapel and the fact that in the 70's they were probably cutting edge missional work with Maranatha Village, and the rise of Christian folk/rock. They along with PBC--Ray Steadman's Body Life did much to shape those like me who are seeking to be faithful to Christ's call.


Webb Kline said...

The J freak movement was a prophetic precursor to what is happening today with missional, I am convinced of that. Just look at how many of us in the missional movement were virtually discipled by Keith Green.

But having said that, I am more and more convinced that missional is not a movement. I believe it is a completely new paradigm that God is moving the church into. That's why I am beginning to use paradigm on my posts instead of movement. The term movement denotes a type of schism, whereas paradigm suggests a new direction, which is what I think is happening. We're in that ugly duckling stage where God has raised up prophets to prepare the way, but the church WILL get on board with this. I am absolutely convinced of it. That's why the work you are doing, Jerry, is so important right now.