Monday, January 29, 2007

Missional - Releasing Creativity

I think one of the things missing in our relationship with God is creativity.

God is a creative God and He made us to be creative just like Him.

But I wonder where is that creativity? What happened that we have sent creativity packing and now rely on adaptation of worldly ideas?

I pray for a missional church that returns to expressing itself creatively. A church that acknowledges its creative roots and manifests itself that way.

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Shannon said...


I couldn't agree more. As you see it, what is one way you would like to see the church become more creative? How would you do it?

John said...


I've told lots of young Christian musicians, quit trying to copy what the world does or other Christian artists, Let God give you a new sound, a sound he wants to express through you.

People should be coming from the world to see what our God is doing through his people.

You hit the nail on the head.

AS said...

That's exactly what we're trying to achieve here with our team. We're trying to produce original, and different storytelling to impact the people around us. To do this we are working to make a safe place for people to come and use their gifts (Many people assume "Arts" = "Music" and assume they can't give in other ways) and simply tell stories for different groups.

Blogadelic said...

I believe philosophically the church shifted at some point, maybe the Victorian era, though I don't have any research, from supporting the arts and creativity to abandoning the arts as "secular".

That coupled with the churches modernization gave way to systems, lists, formulas, 4 laws, 3 steps, etc. When you have a formula you don't need creativity and creative minds look else where for fulfillment and involvment.