Friday, January 05, 2007

Missional Networking – Are you Linkedin?

One of the keys to living missionally is our networks. It’s about who we have personal contact with. allows for people to connect and make connections with others.

Currently in the list of 9 million people registered, only 14 have missional in their profile.

Here’s my request to all my ministry and missional friends:

Sign up for a free linkedin account, make sure your ministry work and the word missional is in your profile.

Let’s add each other and begin to build a powerful missional network.

So get to it!

UPDATE!!! I've Sent out over 75 invitations to people I've met in the missional community through personal contact or blogging. If you got an invitation from me, please sign up and join! I'm hoping we can build a comprehensive linkedin network that will bring together the missional folks God is raising up!

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John said...

I am now linked. Thanks for the heads up.

Rich said...

I'm in!

Missional Jerry said...

kewl send me a request to join your network :)

use the email listed on the page!

Joe said...

Thanks for the invitation Jerry. I signed up to LinkedIN a long time ago and never used it.

I figure I should get my act together and actually use it if I'm to be a social networking guy! :)

Neil said...

I'm In!