Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Missional eBook Update

I've gotten about 8 response so far. Which I think is great.

Over the next couple months there's going to be a huge spotlight put on "Missional" because of the leadership article. I would like this project to be well underway when that wave begins to hit.

So over the next couple days I will be getting back to everyone who has responded. I'm working out a way we can all communicate and contribute.

The idea will be to then convert this into an ebook we can all share through our sites and such.

If anyone else is interested in contributing please email me or post here so I can include you on the list.

Would also be great if we had someone willing to do some editing for the project.

The final thing I would love to have is someone who would donate some graphical illustrations or maybe even some cartoons.

If your interested in any of this please email me!

Thanks to everyone who is already willing to contribute!

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