Friday, December 01, 2006

Where's the Missional Attitude here?

I ran across these 2 articles today:

Christian Coalition Leader Steps Down because Coalition doesn't view Social ills to be their concern.

and this article:

Evangelical Community up in arms for asking Obama to speak.

Where is the missional attitude in all of this? Am I crazy or is this just insane?

in the Christian Coalition article we find this quote from the director appointee: "But Hunter told Religion News Service he believed his positions were a natural outgrowth of pro-life views. "[I]f we are going to care for the vulnerable, we ought to care as much about the vulnerable outside the womb as inside the womb," he said."

their response? The coalition is a political group and while social concerns are important, that's not their calling.

HUH? did I miss the memo that says the only way a Christian can change things in America is through legislation?

And then the Obama speaking at Saddleback flap. Come on people! If we don't use times like World Aids Day to seek common ground when and where are we? Is being pro-choice a sin unto death? Is there no pro-choice Christians?

It's time we step back and look at the conversation we are having with our neighbors. What are we saying? or do most of neighbors see Christians the way Madonna sees many in the world that we "Are willing to talk the talk, but few are willing to walk the walk."

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see another rant about this obama business.

It is nonsensical in the extreme. How does one have grace for those in their own family who continue to totally miss the point as well as perpetuating the already negative perspective of Christians?

Perhaps this is why Jesus used such strong language with the "religious' of his time. They only seem to understand fighting words. Sometimes I don't know whether to scream or sob. That's when I want to pray, but words escape me....

Martin Thompson said...

Obama claims to be a Christian yet supports abortion, a sin condemned since the time of the apostles by those who walked with the "Missional One" Jesus Christ. He needs to be excommunicated from the church to be delivered of his delusions of being a Christian.

JDL said...

their response? The coalition is a political group and while social concerns are important, that's not their calling.

There we have it. It's not really about being Christian at all. It's about political power and will.

Funny, Jesus, who was King of Kings and Lord of Lords - who could have deposed Ceasar if he wanted. I don't think the legions of Romes could stand against the legions of angels Jesus would have commanded instead chose to show us a better way.

With all of their efforts, abortion is still legal. They haven't succeeded and they wont succeed.

I asked the Lord about abortion. I asked him with everything the church had done on this issue why it was still legal.

His response to me was a question. Did the commandments given to Moses end the breaking of the law. They knew the law and broke it anyway.

If abortion is a major concern for you - and it is for me, then it will only be successfully eliminated by the changing of hearts not the passage of legislation.

The Christian Coalition represents the "easy way." but it does not represent "God's way."

God's way may seem slower but ultimately is successful.

We must care about people who feel that abortion is their only option. We have to reach out to them with the good news of Jesus and practical love (ie meeting real needs).

If the chuch does, I believe we will see the abortion industry die and we will see far fewer abortions.

The Christian Coalition needs to review it's "calling." The first calling is to follow Christ - that means loving and caring about the things he cares about and handling it the way he would.