Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Missional Christmas Wish

I sat in a Traditional Church Christmas eve service tonite. Normally it would have done something for me, tonite it just really drove into my heart what it is God has burdened me with.

Remember the movie Pretty Woman where at the end as the white night rides in to rescue his new princess, theres a guy standing on the street corner shouting "What's your dream! Everyone's got a dream, whats your dream!"? Well I have a dream.

I dream of selling all my families stuff and getting an RV. Then finding a dozen or so churches that I could travel to each year. I'd live and love with the people and leadership and help them transition to a missional model of ministry. I'd help them understand kingdom living. Provide them training and tools. Helping them to take the risks that the church needs to take.

After stirring them up and helping to start the sparks and the fires burning. We'd pack up the RV and move on.

Oh my Christmas 2006 desire and dream is to daily be a tool, on the road and in person to help support churches who truly wanna make a change. That's my dream. That's my missional Christmas wish.


o2thoughtful said...

Happy Christmas MJ! I love your passion for this, hey just get on and do it. I spent 3 weeks in an RV in the USA one autumn/fall. It was a great family experience. Why not just take a year out and see how it goes? (And I say that without knowing your family situation, am sure it's not so simple as I say). My mum always says "it will be an adventure!"

Jarvis said...

Sounds like you need to open an 'RV account'. I know you wouldn't be the only one to contribute to this account to see you dream come true... Saving is paving, and investing is entrusting.

Cindy Harvey said...

Sounds like you're a modern day Paul. The Church really needs leaders like you, as did the first christian communities. If it's your passion, I suppose you won't rest till it's accomplished.

As I've always heard it, Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.