Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Missional Thinking

Head on over to Missional Explorer and check out this this great chart.

Jim has some great stuff there and I'm curious to get your opinion on it!

So head on over and download it and give me some feed back!

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1 comment:

Barry said...

Dear Missional Jerry,
I like the chart but it seems to be bashing straw men to some extent. Missional just seems to be living as a Christian. But if that is true then why don't all Christians live missionaly? Maybe because most of them are really dirty damn heathens. You know as in "Many are called but few are chosen". My favorite mission field is the pew in front or the pew behind. Sadly I fear most people saying "Lord Lord" or saying the sinners prayer are about as saved as my dog. I better go I have to get back to sanctification 2.0.
(Not very Missional and pre-emergent) Barry