Saturday, December 09, 2006

Calling All my Missional Friends

One of the constant email's I get is from people who want examples of missional living.

So Here's my request:

If you have a story of missional living - either by you, your church or someone else..... Please share it with me!

I want this to be a practical place and one way it can be that is if we continue to educate.

So Please send your stories!


Malcolm said...

We have a ministry those the poor and needy in our community that is more than just a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter. Our goal is to reach out to the poor and needy in our community and to respond to THEIR needs.

This does include... a team that will take care of housing & auto repairs... focus on working with single parents and their kids... a team that does military personnel and family outreach [supply counseling and help meet needs of these families] and these are just a few of the ministries that we are doing.

Yes, we do take care of the poor... we reach out to the homeless... but also make sure we stay dynamic so we can respond to the needs of the community.

Even to the point that we are working with the local Job & Family Services to create a survey that families that seek public assistance will need fill out to help us meet their needs.

Shannon said...

Missional Living is new to me really. I've only started seeing and hearing about it in recent months. Actually just since I've begun blogging. I was living Missionally without even knowing what I was doing. :)

God was challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and think outside the box. I felt God was leading me to a local bar in our town. It's a "Cowboy" bar and to say the least, it's a rough hangout. Anyway, I decided I would listen to what God was telling me and I began visiting this bar. I don't drink but I do sit down with the people and build relationships with them. I don't beat them over the head with theology or even talk of Jesus with them. I just want to build a relationship with them. I believe that God will bring the "next step" when He is ready. I pastor a church here so I wasn't sure how my church or community would accept this outward focus I was exhibiting but I must say my church thinks it's just great and everyone I heard mention it in the community says, "He's doing what Jesus would do." I think this is true and the reason I go back....because Jesus would. Missional Living is about connecting with people outside the context of a church building. Getting involved with people where they live, not where we worship. It's about losing the "come and get it" mentality and gaining the "I'll bring it to you, Jesus mentality!

John Santic said...


Our Mission Group has a local ministry in our neighbourhood via a coffee shop bread night. Once a month we get bread from the local bakery (tons of it) and give it away to those who need etc. you can read more about it here:

John Santic said...

sorry, above is the correct link