Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Veleeta and Missional Don't have in common.

You can read the entire post about the similarities of cheese dip and being missional here.

But here's the quote I love!

"Being missional is hard work. Getting down and dirty in people's lives, giving everyone a platform and allowing your voice to form from within the context of community versus individual aspirations and spirituality is not nice easy package deal. It's also time consuming and risky and generally not very "pretty". Choosing to live and function IN the world outside the insular walls of the Christian sphere is not a "velveeta in the microwave" endeavor. It's not as fast, you don't get instant results and it's unattractive. But it is so much more satisfying."

Great post Makeesha!

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Makeesha said...

awee shucks, thanks Jerry :)