Sunday, November 19, 2006

To Start a Missional Fire

Seems in my same community I've been used to start a spark of change.

Sometimes it's hard for me because it seems all through my ministry life (20 years+ dating back to high school ministries I've helped found) God has used me to start something and then I seem to only be able to watch it grow, but not participate.

But God is working in this selfish heart to understand that not everyone can be a match, that lighting a fire is a special calling and I need to be thankful to be used in it at all.

What has started these sparks? Seems it's been some words God's laid on my heart and a couple books.

Here are the books and believe me when I tell you - these say it much better than I could ever do.

Irresistible Revolution if this does not stir your heart - I'm not sure anything will.

The Way of Jesus This is the book that made me understand church in a different way, a simpler way a communal way.

I trust you may find either one of these as stirring as I and others have.

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JDL said...

It is hard. Often the hardest part of ministry is the starting point, then to watch as others take something you sparked and run with it can feel like someone else is taking your baby.

The truth though is that it's not our ministry. It's also not the ministry of the person it seems to be growing under. It's all Jesus' ministries.

I haven't read The Way of Jesus. But I strongly recommend Irresistable Revolution. As a matter of fact, that's a book that I'm currently giving away to folks that I think God has been preparing for a change. It's strong medicine for us conservative evangelical types, but it's important.