Monday, November 27, 2006

Homeless Christmas Packages - Missional Outreach Opportunity

What a wonderful blessing!

I've heard from people in 4 different cities who are talking about doing homeless Christmas Blessing Boxes. Go folks Go! How Many cities will this travel too?????

After talking to several people who have experience in this area, here's a list of stuff you can box:

(please note some of these things will not be found at the dollar store)

1. Plastic shoe box or container with a lid
2. a quart zip lock bag for toiletries
3. toothbrush
4. tooth paste
5. wash cloth
6. soap
7. Bag of Halls cough drops
8. chewable vitamins
9. small box of medicated band aids
10. wool socks (2 pairs!)
11. gloves
12. Hat
13. scarf
14. 40 gal heavy ply trash bag
15. note pad and pen
16. 30 minute calling card
17. hard candy
18. waterproof wallet or change purse
19. pocket heat packs
20. razors (thanks scott)

Many thanks to all who emailed suggestions. Everything that's listed will be valuable to someone living on the street.

I trust this helps those who are looking for something neat to do this Christmas to help others. We can't become Missional unless we start being missional.

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Anonymous said...

Please add razors to that list. Here in Salt Lake City they can become hard to find at times and they are appreciated.

I must say that the socks are always the most cherished among all of these items. I was recently blessed with several pair during panhandling. The socks I had on were nearly 2 weeks old without washing out.

Man, it brought water to my eyes as the gentleman gave me the box of thermals and socks.

Trust in the Lord!

Scott (Homeless in Salt Lake City)
Turning It Over

JDL said...

Great Post Jerry. I'm looking forward to more of these practical how to ideas.

Scott, I'm praying for you brother.