Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Story is Your Church Telling?

“Storytelling is the core of culture.”

—Branded Nation: The Marketing of Megachurch,
College Inc., and Museumworld, James Twitchell

The most powerful story in the world is in the hands of the church. It’s a story of love, grace, forgiveness and redemption. Each of these qualities has the power to change lives. So if the church has the story that has the power, why aren’t we seeing that power?

Could it be because the church has lost the art of telling the story? Living the story? Being part of the story?

When I was in Bible college the focus was on exegesis. Exegesis means - to draw out extracting what is in the text the way it was written. Finding the true meaning and explain the passages of scripture from their context. While this is a powerful tool, it has lead to methodical sermons built around a proper dissection of scripture. In order to fit the message into a set period of time most preachers have resorted to a 3 points and a poem type delivery. The story has become lost.

Most evangelism training materials today encourage people to witness by using their own story. This recognizes the power of talking about changed lives. So if that’s the best way witness, shouldn’t the church be focused on telling stories as well?

From creation to the parables and the cross, the story the missional church has to tell is a powerful one. We must take the time to creatively and passionately bring The Story back into the church.

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