Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Missional should be Interactive

You might read the headline and say “duh”, yeah missional should be interactive!

I read this article today. While I know your thinking to yourself, yeah games are fun! But the church isn’t a game. What struck me about this article was the interactivity, adventure and creativity that these games capitalize on. People like a sense of adventure. Then want to participate and then want to be intellectually challenged.

What would happen if we released the people in our churches on the world with the same interactive, adventurous and creative spirit? What ministry would be accomplished? What work for the Kingdom would get done? Shouldn’t Missional be Interactive?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You can't have relationships unless you have interaction so I totally agree missional needs interactivity. I'm interested in the idea of reports on missional lifestyles coming back to the church via youtube style video clips. Technology allows us to open up chatrooms to our community.

I think there are two areas of interaction:
- How do I as an individual interact with my community
- How does my church corporately interact with its members

for the latter, we need to see a reversal of communication one way. It has always been we'll tell you what's right and then you go and do it. Feedback/encouragement/input can flow both ways and should, we're all on the same mission.

For the former, surely it's a series of ongoing conversations? 1) put yourself in a place where you share your life with the community, where you show love to them in many ways 2) you listen 3) they interact with you

sorry for the long comment!